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Axwell Biography

DJ, producer, and record label owner Axwell is a current star of the EDM scene. Not only does he do solo work but he also is a member of the internationally known group Swedish House Mafia. These two factors make Axwell one of the most well known producers in the world. So much so that DJ Magazine placed him at 12th in the top 100 DJs from across the world.

Axwell started his career in the late 90s with his first single being “Funkboy” in 1999. In 2002 he started to move up in the producer world and was collaborating with many different artists. His songs started to get recognized by the music world and DJs started to use his music in their sets. This provided great exposure and his recognition increased. However, he was not well known until he produced “Feel the Vibe” in 2004 as it became a global hit. Then it was all up hill from there.

Now that his name was out there he could work with more high profile producers and clientele. He produced remixes for other famous artists including Usher and Pharrel on the side. He worked for many different labels and artists that produced many chart topping singles. Some of his most popular during this time were “I Found U” and
“It’s True”.

After raising the bar for so long and making quality music album after album, Axwell got the break of a lifetime. He teamed up with Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello to form the super group known as Swedish House Mafia. This group has had some of the biggest songs since 2010 and has gained popularity tremendously. They play shows all around the world and have a tendency to sell them out. While they do not produce a large quantity of songs, the ones they do produce are top quality. Once a Swedish House Mafia track is released than many other artists take their turn remixing it to fit their style. Axwell has truly become a trendsetter.


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