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Bassnectar Biography:

Bassnectar, whose given name is Lorin Ashton, is a dubstep musician and producer that works out of Santa Cruz, California. He has played sold out shows around the world. Bassnectar has earned a reputation for the light shows and theatrics that accompany his live performances. Ashton is an active supporter of the non-profit organization Conscious Alliance.

Ashton began his musical career at the Bellarmine College Preparatory school in San Jose, California. His first musical influences were Megadeth and Metallica. These musicians can still be seen in the dubstep he produces and creates today.

Bassnectar began the Bass Center Festival. The original Bass Center Festival was held in October 2010. Ashton headlined the event and included a host of other performers during the live show. The first show was held in Broomfield, Colorado at the First Bank Center. It sold out in no time. Brother Ali, Dan Deacon, Emancipator, Nosaj Thing and That 1 Guy were just some of the artists that accompanied Ashton at the first Bass Center Festival. There were numerous musical and circus acts that also took part in the first Bass Center Festival.

Bassnectar announced the second Bass Center Festival during the closing months of 2010. The second event was held in Asheville, NC at the Asheville Civic Center. The February 19, 2011 event sold out well before the day of the concert. The venue was filled with more than 8,000 excited fans who came to see Bassnectar, Ana Sia, The Glitch Mob and Filastine.

During his summer 2011 tour, Bassnectar played at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Before the show, Ashton was making comments on social media sites that he would rock the show with his own speakers. Discussions and comments were also made on the official Red Rocks site. After the show, Bassnectar and his staff were fined over $100,000 by the city. This was for a host of violations related to the city noise ordinances. Contributions to help pay the fines came from musicians in the United States and the rest of the world. Musicians and DJs supported Ashton’s decision in public and helped reduce the cost of the fines the city imposed.

Bassnectar appeared in France in 2011 at the Electronic Beaches in Cannes where he performed for 6,000 people. He has also played at the Shambhala festival in Nelson, British Columbia with other dub step artists such as Excision and Datsik.

Here are some of Bassnectar’s albums:
-In 2001 he released Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks.
-In 2002 Bassnectar produced Beatfreak Bohemia.
-2003 saw the release of the Motions of Mutation.
-In 2004 Diverse Systems of Throb was released.
-In 2005 Bassnectar produced Mesmerizing The Ultra.
-2007 witnessed Ashton’s 6th album which was titled Underground communicaton.
-He released Cozza Frenzy in 2009.
-Bassnectar released Divergent Spectrum in 2011.

His EPs include:
-2008s Heads Up
-2009s Art of Revolution
-2010s Timestretch
-2012s VaVaVoom

Bassnectar has also produced and released numerous singles. Some of his most famous ones include the following:
2002 Float
2004 Creation Lullaby
2005 Booty Line California Sunrise
2005 Taurine Thruster
2005 Everybody EP
2006 Blue State Riddim EP
2007 Yo featuring KristinaMaria
2007 Bomb The Blocks
2008 Viva Tibet which was produced with Freq Nasty.
2008 Heads Up
2009 Art of Revolution
2009 Land of the Lupes
2009 Cozza Frenzy
2010 Here We Go
2010 Bass Head
2010 Magical World with Nelly Furtado
2010 Wildstyle Method
2010 Bassnectar remixed the Prince by the Deftones
2011 Bassnectar remixed Ellie Goulding’s Lights
2011 Upside Down
2011 Above and Beyond was made by Bassnectar and Seth Drake

Bassnectar has also released several podcasts, and a video, Bomb The Blocks, was released in 2007.



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