A Collaboration Between deadmau5 & Armin van Buuren

deadmau5 armin van buuren

The other day, deadmau5 and Armin van Buuren tweeted back and forth discussing a collaboration. They wasted no time and have already begun molding this new production. Armin van Buuren has uploaded the first draft to zippyshare publicly through a tweet to deadmau5. Although the track seems rather raw, it is only the first draft and we believe that neither deadmau5 nor Armin van Buuren are finished with the track.

progressive house deadmau5 armin van buuren    A Collaboration Between deadmau5 & Armin van Buuren

It’s exciting to see two very different figures within EDM come together to collaborate their efforts towards a single cause. Although the EDM community is a bit scattered and at times disconnected, it’s promising that two OG’s (excuse my slang… actually don’t excuse it at all) of EDM are collaborating to try something new.



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