deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers

Deadmau5 is a lvl 60 troll, EDM wizard, and professional griefer. He usually is petting his cat Meowingtons or leveling up his characters on Diablo III. If he isn’t doing that he’s either producing in his killer studio or hypnotizing an entire dance floor at one of the top tier clubs/dancehalls in the world.

He’s known for expressing himself and being out in the open with how he feels. He recently published an opinion he held on his Tumblr about his beliefs on live performances by EDM artists. He’s recently also made the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine and shocked the entire music industry.

One of the true pioneers of modern day EDM, deadmau5, just shared a preview of one of his highly demanded tracks ‘Professional Griefers’. The track reminds us of his tracks like ‘Sofi Needs a Ladder’, ‘FML’, and ‘Where My Keys’. It’s a dirty Electro House track that proves to the world that although he may be a troll, he’s still one of the biggest figures in EDM.

Available September 2nd, 2012.

Due to the feedback from a lot of you guys stating that the vocals ruined the song, we’ve posted up the original mix so everyone can hear the tracks one after the other and compare.

w/ vocals

w/o vocals

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