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Known as the Galactic Emperor of Moombah, Los Angeles-raised producer Dillon Francis has become one of EDM’s fastest rising artists. While regarded as one of the biggest names in Moombahton, Dillon Francis also has quite a few well-appreciated Dubstep tracks to his name.

While interning for Rowdy Records’ Cory Enemy in Atlanta, Dillon Francis gained insight on the power of Ableton Live.  Following his Dubstep influences (artists such as Rusko), Francis dived into the production world pushing out multiple Dubstep releases.

After connecting with renowned producer Stretch Armstrong, Dillon Francis bounced tracks back and forth allowing him to connect to Armstrong’s resources, including Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo.  It was around this time when Munchi, one of the head figures of Moombahton today, introduced Dillon to Moombahton.  Dillon quickly picked up on the genre and soon sought to link up with Diplo, who had a special interest in the genre in its earliest roots.

Stretch Armstrong connected him with Diplo in LA, where they talked music and worked on the Moombahton single “Que Que.”  It wasn’t long before Dillon Francis pushed out his breakthrough release, “Masta Blasta“, a track that originally started as a house track but ended up as one of today’s most influential Moombahton releases.  “Masta Blasta received great feedback from EDM producers globally.  With the success of this track, earlier releases still in circulation, and big names such as Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch) dropping his Westside! EP before it was even released, it wasn’t long before “Dillon Francis” was a name known by producers internationally.

By flipping a variety of tracks such as CSS’ “Hit Me Like A Rock” into Moombahton bangers and putting a Dubstep spins on tracks like Chuckie‘s “Who is Ready to Jump,” Dillon Francis earned the appeal of EDM fans rapidly. He is credited for bringing exposure to Moombahton, along with the father of Moombahton himself, Dave Nada, and Rotterdam producer Munchi, both who he would perform with often. While gaining vast exposure via dance music blogs online, Dillon began touring and spreading his music globally. He would soon receive international radio play from outlets as large as United Kingdom’s BBC Radio.

Now, after back-to-back successful releases, Dillon Francis sits with today’s top EDM producers and the demand for his music will only grow. It is well accepted by both his fans and haters that he does not G.A.F.O.S.


Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis

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"I love the Internet and pissing off your Mom and Dad (especially if they’re hippies)." -Dillon Francis

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