Digital Music Sales to Become Obsolete?


In today’s world, pirating digital media has become more prevalent than ever. With Generation Y pirating anything that can be downloaded, the owners of pirated media are facing new challenges to stay profitable. Also among this group of media owners are EDM artists, who have struggled to battle the almost inevitible force of piracy.

Artists such as Madeon and Skrillex have encouraged fans to torrent their music if they can not afford to purchase digital copies from outlets such as BeatPort and iTunes. To the consumer, it’s a serious gesture when artists say “hey, steal my music”. Strategically, Skrillex and Madeon have come to understand that record sales no longer are the most profitable revenue stream, in fact it seems to be one of the lease profitable revenue streams. Artists such as Skrillex and deadmau5 can afford to lose the revenue from record sales as they are able to net $50k in a given night for their live shows.

edm blog    Digital Music Sales to Become Obsolete?
“Trading” popular files among the digital community has been ingrained in internet culture. Wide spread filesharing dates back to Napster and Kazaa. Throughout the past 10+ years, piracy has always existed as a huge challenge for digital media developers who have relied on digital media sales for profit. As EDM flourishes in the online community, EDM artists have acknowledged the fact that music sales are slowly becoming obsolete, as shows and merchandise sales bring have been bringing in much more substantial revenue.

edm blog    Digital Music Sales to Become Obsolete?

Only the biggest EDM artists have been able to produce significant revenue from digital music sales, therefore the mid and lower tier artists often share their music for free. Ephixa is a great example of a high quality artist who has publicly encouraged his fans to torrent his music. Ephixa is a huge producer of producer of dubstep and tweeted earlier today that he was one of the “seeders” of the Ephixa Discography torrent that is 444 MB big.

edm blog    Digital Music Sales to Become Obsolete?

 If you’d like to download and seed the torrent, you can find it here. Big ups to Ephixa for sharing his music for free!

This recent trend among EDM artists is important because it shows how the music industry is shifting with the advancement of technology, specifically the internet. As people become more connected and boundaries gradually disappear, digital media becomes more open source everyday. Anything digital can essentially be pirated and the productions of popular EDM artists are no exception. deadmau5′s latest album “>album title goes here<” was widely pirated well before it official release; we don’t know how it got leaked or if the mau5 even leaked it himself, but what we do know is that piracy has essentially become unstoppable.

As piracy continues to challenge and change the music industry as a whole, it will be interesting to see the measures and solutions EDM artists will take to replace the declining revenue from record sales.

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