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What is Glitch-Hop?

Over the years we’ve been introduced to many kinds of genres of music. Although for the musically challenged they are not aware of the different genres. One of the genres that some are probably not familiar with is the genre Glitch Hop. Glitch Hop is a sub-genre of the Electronic Dance Music genre. This type of music came around about the time of the late 90′s and it wasn’t like anything anybody had ever heard before. The name itself comes from the use of glitch based sounds that would in any other situation be considered nothing more than a disturbance.

So how are exactly are these sounds achieved? The source of the sound is generally described as nothing other than pure malfunctions, or the after effects of abusing your audio equipment. This would entail things like skipping effects on a CD, an electronic humming sound, both digital and analog distortion, crashes, and even hardware noise. Some consider this kind of music more of an art form than any other type of music. This is because unlike other kinds of music Glitch Hop musicians take the sounds no one else wants and make something beautiful out of it. Obviously Glitch Hop is not the most popularized genre of music, but it’s safe to say it is one of the more creative genres.

The history of this music is riddled throughout most of the 20th century. The first example that is normally cited is the Art of Noises, a manifesto by Luigi Russolo. This manifesto was the basis for the noise music genre and the beginning of Glitch Hop. Even later a composer by the name of Christian Marclay used an array of vinyl records in the late 70′s to create a kind of sound collage. But no one defined the genre quite like Oval. Specifically their record Wohnton would help define this small genre. The reason this selection was different from the previous selections are it added a kind of ambient sound scape to the genre.

The one thing that has attracted fans to the genre is that there are really no rules. It’s really one of the few genres of music that doesn’t abide by any set of rules. Tempo and specified time signatures are deemed irrelevant in Glitch Hop; this is the beauty of the genre. And unlike any other kind of music it’s generally only played live. Bands that are usually defined as Glitch Hop don’t generally put out albums. Glitch Hop artists treat their music in the same way as the innovators of the free jazz movement did, everything they play is improvised. Glitch Hop is one of the more creative genres of music.

Music always has and always will be an art form. All musicians needs to treat their music as if it were a piece of art, it makes the music that much more meaningful. Glitch Hop is a different realm where art and musical talent are conjoined together.

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