A Message to Hardstyle fans from Headhunterz


Yesterday we shared with you that one of the biggest names in Hardstyle, Headhunterz, had now signed onto Ultra Records. This move was pretty monumental not only for Headhunterz’ career, but for the Hardstyle scene as a whole. As one could expect, many long-term fans felt unsure about the move, so we wanted to share with you Headhunterz message to his fans via Facebook:

So I have been following some of the comments on the post of this afternoon about me joining Ultra and I’d like to share a few words.

I know that I am part of a scene full of passionate people who have embraced this type of music as a part of their lives and so it didn’t come as a complete surprise that many people have the feeling that the scene as it is or was is slowly slipping through their fingers.

We can’t deny that things are rapidly evolving and growing and this is where the desires and opinions of the listener and the artist can sometimes clash.

First of all let me state that I have never ever considered to go against the current of my own success. Every artist, every sports man, every creator and I think I can also speak for my colleagues/friends will be delighted if success comes after what they love doing the most. I don’t see any reason for this to be a taboo. It is possible (and this is the story of a lot of successful people) to achieve something exactly by doing something fully passionate and creating something that you truly love creating.

Asking an artist to stop this flow of success that comes after it, is although I understand the underlying reason, like asking a star soccer player to keep playing at his local club while he has the opportunity to start playing on a world level. He will realize very well that even at that level, he’s still playing soccer and what’s even more important, he was asked in the first place because he does what he does.

And that is what happened with me. I had one single very important request to Ultra and that is to give me total freedom in doing what I love doing. As long as that is possible, I am happy and satisfied.

Although as you know my sound is in Hardstyle terms pretty accessible, I am very excited to start providing Ultra with music, being in full control of my creativity and can’t wait to see the first frowns when they have to release some tracks which are quite the opposite of what people are used to hear on the radio. That is the adventure we have decided to start together.

So here we are, maybe opposed to each other. You think for the sake of a scene, I tell you that I do care for the scene too, as I said earlier: It is my vision and my joy to be able to stay true to Hardstyle, but what is even more important: To stay true to myself. Because that is the reason that you came to hear my name in the first place. I was simply doing what I love doing. And so will I continue.

Thank you for the amazing support over the years because as I said many times, we did it all together. I know very well that my intentions are right, my heart is in the right place and so is yours.
Everything comes, changes and ultimately goes. You, me, Headhunterz, Hardstyle everything. There is nobody to have control over that. It is the natural flow of life. See this, let go and celebrate life with music.

Love to you. -Headhunterz

We shouldn’t be worried about Headhunterz staying “true” to his sound or changing his style on us.  He’s made it clear here that not only is he excited for this move, but he’ll maintain full creative control and that’s what is most important. Big ups to Headhunterz for sharing these words and we can’t express how much we are looking forward to his upcoming releases!



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"It depends on where you are. I think with hardstyle; other countries are always a bit behind compared to Holland. Tracks that are already ‘not done’ in Holland are huge hits in other countries right now."

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