Headhunterz Signs Global Deal with Ultra Music / Ultra Records

After much speculation, us Hardstyle fans in the US just had our dreams come true: Headhunterz has signed on with Ultra Music / Ultra Records

It’s been quite a while since Headhunterz released under his previous label, Scantraxx, and  for us, an overlooked tweet last May secured the idea that Headhunterz had indeed parted:

The tweet from Headhunterz translates to: “@NiekWesseldijk I’m not at Scantraxx so no not really”. Basing off this evidence it was clear Headhunterz had parted ways, but at the time it just wasn’t as clear where he was going to.

Speculation regarding moves towards Ultra began after his remix of Kaskade‘s “Lessons of Love” was released on Ultra, but for many others, Ultra Records picking up Headhunterz kind of just made sense. Regardless, we’re glad it is now official :).

According to Q-dance, Ultra‘s General Manager and Head of A&R, David Waxman, stated:

Immediately after I first heard one of his productions, I wanted to work with Headhunterz. He brings a unique style to electronic music that is incredibly reactive upon first listen and his cult-like following is also a testament of his refreshing sound.

This move is a monumental gesture in the hard dance scene, and though many long-time fans are weary, Headhunterz statement on Facebook just minutes ago solidifies his content with where he’s at:

I’m pleased to announce that last week I signed a recording deal with Ultra Music in the USA. It took some time to wrap up as I want to have complete creative control in every aspect of my career and stay true to the authentic hardstyle sound. I am looking forward to get this exciting adventure started.

We couldn’t be happier for Headhunterz, and we can’t tell you we didn’t see it coming ;)



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"It depends on where you are. I think with hardstyle; other countries are always a bit behind compared to Holland. Tracks that are already ‘not done’ in Holland are huge hits in other countries right now."

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