Tokimonsta & MNDR-Go With It (David Heartbreak Remix)


If you follow us on Twitter, you already know of our appreciation for the boundless David Heartbreak. As an artist and a producer, he’s always been one to push out whatever he’s feeling at the time, never sticking to any certain genre or style. This time around he’s flipped “Go With It” by Tokimonsta & MNDR into a smooth chill-vibe’d tune, perfect to get lost in.

Labeling it as “Future Soul“, Heartbreak replaces the tribal feel of the original with minimal percussion and nice emphasis on vocals by MNDR‘s Amanda Warner. With most producers right now centered around creating the next Festival banger, Heartbreak‘s refreshing feel on this remix brought us great relief. Light one, kick back, and let this one soothe your soul.

This remix is a state of bliss for me.. showing that the weight has finally been lifted off of my chest, and I can finally compose whatever the hell I want. -David Heartbreak



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