Kaskade ft. Haley – ‘Llove’ (Dada Life Remix)

The Dada Life remix of Kaskade‘s ‘Llove’ has been a huge hit this summer and has been an integral part of Kasakade’s Freaks Of Nature tour. Dada Life has been known for their aggressive Electro heavy tracks and really do a great job of adding their own style and touch to ‘Llove’.

The original versions of ‘Llove’ by Kaskade feel rather passive and boring after listening to Dada Life’s remix. The original versions were released on Kaskade’s ‘Fire & Ice’ album, which was a much softer, melodic album overall.

Dada Life’s remix of the song isn’t too different until the drop hits. When the drop does hit, you can instantly tell Dada Life had their hand in remixing this track.

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