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Born out of the imagination of electronica composer Vincent Belorgay, Kavinsky is the fictional character who graces the covers of both Teddy Boy and 1986, Belorgay’s first two EPs. The illustrated Kavinsky bears a striking resemblance to the French DJ himself, although the backstory Belorgay created to go with his pseudonym is far removed from the artist’s own modest history. The story goes that after crashing his Testarossa in 1986, Kavinsky reappeared as a zombie in 2006 to make electronic music.

Luckily for Belorgay, his zombie tale serves as a good story line for a music video, as he demonstrated with the single “Testarossa Overdrive,” from the Teddy Boy EP. Belorgay stumbled upon electronic music by chance, when he was given a discarded Apple computer by Quentin Dupieux, also known as Mr. Oizo. The fully loaded Apple lead to Kavinsky‘s first tracks while several roles in Mr. Oizo’s music videos and the film #Steak gave him an opportunity to meet record label executives.

A recording contract followed shortly after Belorgay presented his first tracks to Record Makers head Marc Tessier du Cros. In 2006, Vincent Belorgay, under the pseudonym Kavinsky, released his first EP, Teddy Boy. The 1986 EP followed in 2006 and Kavinsky was soon touring with Justice, SebastiAn and Daft Punk. In 2008, he released a third EP, Blazer, on the Fool’s Gold label and began working on his first full-length album.

~ Celeste Rhoads, Rovi


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