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Jake Stanczak, born in Rochester, NY, is the Dubstep/Drum’nBass/House producer behind Kill The Noise.

In 2003, Stanczak was better known as stage name Ewun, a DJ recognized worldwide for his Drum’nBass and House remixes.

After five years of performing under Ewun, Stanczak‘s growing passion for Dubstep was impossible to ignore. In 2008, he became Kill The Noise and released his first album Kill Kill Kill. The album received positive reviews.

In 2009, Kill The Noise appeared on over 12 LPs and EPs working with artists like Skrillex and Robyn.

One of his most popular collaborations was in 2011 with the Rock band Korn on their tenth studio album, The Path of Totality. Stanczak would later perfom with Korn in 2012 on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kill the Noise is currently promoting his latest release, Kill The Noise: The Roots EP. Though Stanczak left a mark on the House scene as Ewun, he has transformed into Kill the Noise with aims to now imprint on the ever-growing Dubstep world.

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"Hardcore mode / Nightmare difficulty"

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