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Signed by OWSLA label, KOAN Sound is a Dubstep producing duo from Briston, UK. Will Weeks and Jim Bastow, the two behind KOAN Sound, say their producing is largely done by experimentation.

The duo’s initial influences were Acoustic bands like Incubus. Then in 2008, KOAN Sound began mixing typical Dubstep sound with Bass, Drums, and Electro beats. The duo looked to Rusko, Aphex Twin, Skrillex, and Pendulum as mentors.

Their first EP, Blessed Clowny, was released in October 2008.

KOAN Sound’s EP Funk Box blends the duo’s earlier Dubstep style with a New Wave sound.

Since then, KOAN Sound has unleashed several heart pumping releases including their EP, Kill Kill Kill, released in 2011.

The release of Max Out EP was said to be the turning point of KOAN Sound‘s career. It provided fans with a wider range of music styles.

KOAN Sound wrapped up 2011 winning Best Breakthrough Artist at the Dubstep Music Awards.

Their latest release, Funk Blaster EP, climbed to the number 1 spot on Beatport and was featured in Rolling Stone magazine.

In 2012, KOAN Sound, along with Gemini, will be touring North America and Canada in the Spring.


Koan Sound

Koan Sound

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"We came up with the name KOAN Sound and have continued to make music under the pseudonym ever since."

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