Madeon – ‘The City’ Extended Play Album [FULL STREAM]

madeon    Madeon   The City Extended Play Album [FULL STREAM]
Madeon‘s latest track, ‘The City’, is an incredible track. It has soulful vocals, an energetic chord progression, and highly complex syncopation. Madeon is known for sporting a blazer on stage and his short but very sweet live sets. This young man has really shaken up the industry and has redefined the sub genre of electro pop. Today, Madeon officially released his newest EP titled ‘The City’, under his own label popcultur, which includes 5 tracks, two of which are remixes by other artists.

It’s an exciting year in EDM as we see the culture and scene blowing up right in front of our eyes. Although a lot of EDM has lost its genuine EDM vibe, artists are still advancing the genre forward as a whole and its great to see young talent like Madeon really pave the way for the future.

‘The City’ EP Tracklist:

1. The City

2. The City (Extended Mix)

3. Finale (Netsky Remix)

4. Icarus (Live Version)

5. Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix)

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