Mixify Presents “UNITY”: The First Digital EDM Festival

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UNITY: The World’s First Digital EDM Festival

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak with David Moricca, the founder and CEO of one of EDM’s hottest new startups, Mixify. I first came across Mixify several months ago when it was in its beta phase. At a first glance, I immediately drew parallels to Turntable.FM, but with a closer look, it became easy to see that Mixify had much greater intentions.

When I first heard about UNITY, Mixify’s digital music festival, I became very curious. With big headliners such as 3LAU, Archie, Adrian Lux, Ken Loi, Shreddie Mercury, and David Heartbreak, UNITY seriously grabbed my attention. I immediately got in contact with David Moricca, the founder and CEO of Mixify and had some time to get a better grasp of UNITY and Mixify holistically.

As I got on call with Dave the first thing we talked about was Eli Manning and the NY Giants. As a longtime Giants fan, I was clearly pissed about the Giants’ loss against the Bengals yesterday, and David wasn’t too happy either. I immediately recognized how easy going Dave was by the fact that we talked football for a solid ten minutes, it was “gameday” afterall.

After Dave and I ranted about Eli Manning’s horrible game time decisions, we started talking about UNITY and Mixify. I had five very specific questions that I wanted to ask Dave and having the opportunity to do so was a great pleasure.

mixify    Mixify Presents UNITY: The First Digital EDM Festival

1. What is Mixify?

With no hesitation, Dave explained that Mixify is an interactive streaming platform for DJs and EDM artists. Mixify brings DJs closer to their fans, while utilizing technology that allows artists to perform for an unlimited amount of fans, indifferent to their physical location.

2. What will Mixify solve?

Every business seeks to solve a problem and cater to a niche. Dave clarified that Mixify was no different. He explained that DJs and EDM artists are constantly looking to connect with fans in the digital realm. Although the physical EDM community is already booming, Dave expressed the idea that there is a great need and want for a great online EDM experience. Mixify seeks to help garner better relationships between DJs and fans while advancing the online EDM experience.

mixify    Mixify Presents UNITY: The First Digital EDM Festival

3. What makes Mixify different from Turntable.FM?

As mentioned above, at a fist glance, Mixify seemed to be very similar to Turntable.FM. During beta stages, the parallels were easily noticed but were mostly specific to design. During the beta stage, Mixify had cartoon like animation, similiar to that of Turntable.FM, but looking at Mixify now, the interface is completely redesigned in a very sleek fashion.

Another point that David made was that Turntable.FM only scratches the surface of the online show experience. Dave couldn’t go into depth about Mixify’s future strategy and tactics, but made it clear that Mixify was going to recreate the best online live show experience.

Dave also made it clear that Mixify was going to be about the up and coming stars; he strives to make the platform optimized for the little guys who need a little help getting to the top.

With festival like visuals and a highly interactive interface, Mixify is definitely going to be the most innovative platform.

mixify    Mixify Presents UNITY: The First Digital EDM Festival

4. How did the idea for UNITY come alive?

I love the idea of an online digital music festival and wanted to know the story of UNITY. Dave started off by informing that the name UNITY was actually crowd sourced from fans. The team at Mixify concluded UNITY was a name that was inline with the significance of the digital festival.

UNITY will host performances from five different continents and will allow people from all corners of the world to connect together using Mixify’s platform. Dave made it clear that he wanted to bring people closer together through technology and saw that UNITY would be the perfect solution.

UNITY Digital Music Festival Lineup

Wed 11.14.12 | Thu 11.15.12 | Fri 11.16.12


Wednesday, November 14th

DJs From Mars (set time to be announced)

Manila Killa (12 PM EST)
Tommy Urbanski (1 PM EST)
Nouveaubeats & Vince le Fin (2 PM EST)
Reset! (3 PM EST)
Sted-E & Hybrid Heights (4 PM EST)
Archie (6 PM EST)
Henrix (7 PM EST)
Mutrix (8 PM EST)
Aylen (9 PM EST)
Stalkerloo (10 PM EST) (community DJ winner)

Thursday, November 15th

Adrian Lux (6 PM EST)

Flip Monks (12 PM EST)
TV Noise (1 PM EST)
Hyperbits (2 PM EST)
Go Go Bizkitt (3 PM EST)
Zardonic (4 PM EST)
Styles&Complete (5 PM EST)
Regulators (7 PM EST)
gLAdiator (8 PM EST)
Mike Bugout (9 PM EST)
Enigmatik (10 PM EST) (community DJ winner)

Friday, November 16th

The Crystal Method (4 PM EST)

Dirkie Coetzee (11 AM EST)
Cubby Cramer (12 PM EST)
Tim Gunter (1 PM EST)
David Heartbreak (2 PM EST)
Shreddie Mercury (3 PM EST)
Ken Loi (5 PM EST)
Spankalicious (6 PM EST)
Kastra (7 PM EST)
mass7 (8 PM EST)
Loud Assassins (9 PM EST) (community DJ winner)

5. Who is Dave Moricca?

The last question I had to ask Dave was much more personal. I wanted to get a look into Dave’s personal life as to who he is.

Dave is actually a lawyer by training, with a background in entertainment and media. He’s worked with Scholastic for over five years and a director of business development. He has great professional experience and also has start-up experience as well. David currently resides in New York City and has called New York his home for many years.

Mixify isn’t David’s first start-up, it’s not his second start-up either.

His first start-up was Studyjam. Studyjam was an online platform that helped children get educated.

Dave’s second start-up was Breakoutband. Breakoutband is a musical platform that lets anyone try their hand at music production. Breakoutband also helps aspiring artists maintain and build their fanbase.

Mixify is David’s third start-up and is the most promising of them all. The idea is straightforward yet has so much room for innovation. Within this niche, Dave strives to create the best digital EDM experience possible.


All in all Dave was highly informative and personable throughout the entire conversation. I’ve spoken to a good amount of CEOs and was pleasantly surprised with Dave’s personality. His visions for Mixify are distinct and clear and he plans to innovate and advance the EDM industry with Mixify.

Make sure you check out UNITY this week as Mixify will be debuting it’s real potential.



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