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Richard Melville Hall, aka Moby, was born in New York City in 1965. The American musician/DJ/photographer is famous for his sample-based Electronic music and his strong support of Liberalism. Not only is he an EDM sensation, but an author, composer, and entrepreneur as well.

Moby grew up in Connecticut, and began playing classical guitar at 9 years old. He studied music theory and went on to play with Hardcore Punk group The Vatican Commandoes at age 14. He then played with post-Punk band Awol while studying Philosophy at the University of Connecticut. He also started DJing in college in the late 80′s across New York House and Hip-Hop scenes, including clubs Mars, Red Zone, MK, and The Palladium.

In 1989, Moby signed a recording contract with Instinct Records and released the single “Time’s Up” with Jimmy Mack.

He released his first solo single in 1990 “Mobility b/w Go.” The next year he released singles: “Go Woodtick mix,” which made it to the Top 10 Record list in the UK, “Voodoo Child”, and “Mindstorm/Brainstorm”.

He released “Go” in 1991. Rolling Stones listed it as one of the Best Records of All Time. Since then his records have sold worldwide.

In 1992, Moby went on tour with the Shamen in North America. The next year he toured with Prodigy and Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva back in North America. 1993 also saw Moby tour with Orbital, Aphex Twin, and Vapourspace. Upon his return, Moby decided to leave Instinct Records and released Move on Mute Records, which earned 2nd performance on Top of the Pops.

In 1995, he released Everything is Wrong and took it on tours from March until December. Moby headlined at Lollapalooza and also toured all over Europe with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Everything is Wrong would go on to be named Spin Magazine’s Album of the Year.

In 1997, he released James Bond Theme as part of Tomorrow Never Dies. It made it to #8 in the UK charts. He also releases I Like To Score, a collection of music that has appeared in various films.

In 1999, Moby signed with v2 Records, ran by Dan Beck and Richard Sanders, and released Play in may of 1999. He took it on the road and began touring in March 1999 and continued until August 2001.

In 2000, Moby landed 4th and 5th on Top of the Pops performances for “Natural Blues” and “Porcelain”.

He continued touring in 2001, including at the Area1 Festival with Outkast and New Order and with u2 at Slane Castle in Ireland.

In 2002, he released 18. The following year he opened the café Teany with ex-girlfriend Kelly Tisdale. He also landed 6th Top of the Pops performance for “We are All Made of Stars.”

In 2003, Moby began working with and started vigorous campaigning for candidate John Kerry.

Two years later he earned 7th Top of the Pops performance for “lift me up” and also released Teany book.

In 2008, Moby released Last Night, which received 4 stars in Rolling Stone and the Sunday Times.

The following year he dropped Wait For Me on his own Little Idiot record label. He continued touring extensively in Europe and North America.

2010 saw Moby release Gristle, a book about the consequences of animal production, with Miyun Park.

In 2011, he released an album and another book, both titled Destroyed.

Moby has produced and remixed with other A-list artists, including David Bowie, Metallica, The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and more.

Moby has toured extensively, playing well over 3,000 concerts in his career. His tracks have also debuted in hundreds of different films, including Heat, Any Given Sunday, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Beach, and many others.

Moby is also working with a variety of different charities, including The Humane Society and The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function.

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