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Modestep Biography

The Electronic, Rock and Dubstep band Modestep was formed in 2010 and instantly went viral. The North London based band consists of four leading members: Josh Friend, Tony Friend, Matthew Curtis, and Nick Tsang.

In the early days of Modestep, before the group was formed; the Friend brothers had been been building their reputations as DJs since 2001. It wasn’t until 2010 that their careers would elevate along with Matthew Curtis (Josh‘s roommate at the time) and premier guitarist Nick Tsang.

The musicians continued to enter uncharted waters, performing Dubstep productions, with vocals being done by Josh Friend to incorporated Rock variations.

In February 2011, “Feel Good,” their debut single, was released as part of a 3 track EP. The single aired on BBC Radio 1.Bite The Hand” climbed to number 38 on the UK Singles Chart and number 6 on the Dance Release Chart. Sunlight,” released under Polydor Records, had 1 million views in the first four days of its debut, aired on Radio 1, and earned the number 16 seat on the UK charts.

Their debut album Evolution Theory was released in 2012. Their latest single “Show Me a Sign” was also dropped in 2012.

Modestep rocked fans when they were invited to perform on Lostprophets’ Weapons Tour 2012.

There have been hundreds of remixes and interpretations of Modestep creations. Fans can expect the foursome to continue dropping spunky variations of the Dubstep genre.

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