Pretty Lights – ‘You Get High’ (Download)

Derek Vincent Smith, AKA Pretty Lights, just uploaded this awesome new track titled as ‘You Get High‘ to his Soundcloud. Pretty Lights stands out above the majority of other EDM producers by the mere fact that he lets you decide the price for his music. You can download his music for free from his website or be generous and support his career by buying his tracks for a price you deem appropriate. In order to download his track for a price you decide, you’ll have to sign up for his website with some basic info. He’s a highly talented and very versatile producer who blends influences of Hip-Hop into EDM and has develop his highly unique sound and has been touring internationally lately.

Pretty Lights is one of the most memorable live acts in EDM. He seamlessly blends one track after another making you forget that his sets include different songs. His skills as a DJ are top notch and he his entire sets sound like one single song.

Pretty Lights has one of the most loyal followings among all EDM producers, and considering the fact that he shares his music, essentially for free, he’s one of the few top tier producers revolutionizing the music industry. Support Derek Vincent Smith by buying a tickets to his gigs, donating to his career, or spreading the love for Pretty Lights.

Keep it up Derek, you fucking rock.

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