Skrillex ft. Alvin Risk – ‘Imma Try It Out’


This unreleased track by Skrillex and Alvin Risk has recently surfaced on the internet after it has become a part of Halo 4. If you didn’t know that EDM’s roots are heavily inspired by video game music, now you do. It’s inevitable that games like Halo 4 are being released with soundtracks with a great amount of EDM.

I hope to see Skrillex and Alvin Risk release this track in the future. This hard hitting dubstep track would be so much better in full quality!



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  • Benjamin Van de Sande

    this song makes me more accurate with the battle rifle.

  • Brianna Donovan

    ima try it out for sure love you skrilly.
    <3<3<3….. gotTA GO BUY THIS SONG NOW!

  • Daniel Rangel

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