Afrojack – Annie’s Theme (Carnage Festival Trap Remix) [Unreleased]

Afrojack - Annie's Theme (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

DJ Carnage has accomplished a lot as a producer since being discovered by The Cataracts in 2010.  He’s done work for Chris Brown, Dev and a good bit of mainstream artists, but lately he’s been brewing up a few Trap remixes that have gained a lot of attention from the Trap community online.

Last time Dj Carnage brought us a Trap re-work of Hardwell‘s ‘Spaceman’, turning the Electro House hit into a Trap banger.  Today, we’re very excited to premiere his  latest Trap banger, his take on an unreleased Afrojack track titled ‘Annie’s Theme’.

To keep things concise: Shit goes hard!  It’s re-works like these that catch the crowds off guard and get festival airplay.  Enjoy and scoop the free download provided by Dj Carnage himself!

Dj Carnage

Dj Carnage

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I just fuck around on my labtop...and give you what i made.

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