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Wolfgang Gartner, born Joey Youngman, is a Grammy-nominated American Complextro / House Music producer and DJ. Eight of the California-native’s songs have held the #1 position on the Beatport Top 10 Chart. He also ranked #7 in the “America’s Best DJ” poll and #56 in the “DJ Mag Top 100″ poll last year.

Youngman has been producing music since he was 11 years old, syncing a drum machine to a keyboard and teaching himself to make tracks.

His career didn’t hit center stage until 2003 however, when he released tracks and remixes on various respected House labels such as Tango, Om Records, Naked Music, Doubledown, Fetish Recordings & Jackin Tracks.

In 2004, Youngman signed onto Blue Collar Entertainment and began building his career as a DJ. He launched into fame with a series of global tours. He has performed on every continent including South Africa, Russia, Ibiza, and everywhere in between.

2007 marked a major step in Youngman’s career. He began using the stage name Wolfgang Gartner and started exploring a new sound without feeling confined to the musical boundaries of his previous projects. He created the name anonymously and didn’t reveal his official identity until July 2008.

“I was getting bored with House, with that whole sound,” he says. “I basically hadn’t evolved musically since the late 90′s and had been rehashing the same ideas over and over. Something just snapped and I decided it was time for a complete change.”

Less than 2 years later, Wolfgang Gartner had landed 6 Top-10 singles on Beatport.com’s sales chart, a Pete Tong “essential new tune of the week” on BBC’s Radio 1, three video game licenses, over 50,000 Beatport downloads, and overwhelming DJ support within the EDM world.

At the beginning of 2008, Youngman decided he would pursue the Wolfgang Gartner project full-time. “I realized that I had to pick something and stick to it. So I decided that this new style is the direction I want to go, and to focus all my time and energy on Wolfgang Gartner.”

His single, “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony“, was the highest selling song on Beatport.com in 2009.

Much of his music prior to 2010 was released through his own record label, Kindergarten, but in 2010 he signed with Ultra Records and Ministry of Sound. His career continued to zoom.

That same year, he received a Grammy nomination for his remix of Andy Caldwell‘s “Funk Nasty” in the Best Remixed Recording (Non Classical) Category. He also debuted as a featured guest on BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix series.

Gartner was nominated for four International Dance Music Awards in January 2011, including Best Electro/Tech House Track, Best Progressive Track, Best Breakthrough DJ and Best Breakthrough Artist.

On September 20, 2011 Gartner released his first full length album Weekend in America, featuring other artists such as Omarion, Jim Jones & Cam’ron, will.i.am and Eve. It peaked at #2 in iTunes’ dance chart and #1 in Beatport’s album chart. Gartner also collaborated with Deadmau5 on “Animal Rights” and with Skrillex on “The Devil’s Den.”

Also in 2011, Gartner hosted the first episode of MTV‘s dance music show “Clubland“. A portion of the episode was filmed at his home in Los Angeles, where he gave a tour of his studio and introduced music videos.

Gartner has performed at a number of music festivals including Coachella 2010, Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 and 2011, Ultra Music Festival 2010, 2011, and 2012, Parklife (Australia) 2011, Creamfields (UK) 2011 and other extensive tours around the world.

Gartner‘s music has also been featured in several video games including the racing game Midnight Club: Los Angeles and snowboarding game Stoked.  His music has also been featured in the TV shows Teen Wolf and The Secret Circle, and in the movie Limitless.

Whether it’s via television networks, movies, live performances, clubs/other hot spots, or global tours, we can expect to see Gartner dominate the EDM limelight.



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